We’re building an independent, subscription-based education platform which puts people over profits, protocols over platforms, and community over corporate malfeasance.

Perhaps, like us, you’ve been sickened by the callous “squeeze” from Big Tech of workers & consumers.

This is a rare opportunity to explore how to rebuild the internet and make our world better.

Today, Intuitive Future is the passion project of Jared White—blogger, podcaster, & web developer hailing from Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow…well, you’ll just have to see what comes next.

As a member, you’ll have access to a growing library of courses, tutorials, news analysis, inspirational insight, and encouragement which runs the gamut from the technical details of well-architected web development to the fast-growing arena of open social networks such as Mastodon.

As a programmer, artist, or producer, you’ll stay plugged into the nitty-gritty of just what’s happening in today’s internet as individuals, community organizers, small businesses, researchers, standards bodies, and creative studios grapple with the massive industry-wide shift away from corporate dominance and Big Tech shenanigans to processes and protocols which benefit a grassroots, bottom-up approach to economic growth and societal flourishing.

Whether you care about open source, open networks, or open commerce, Intuitive+ is more than just a conduit to discovering, sharing, and evolving. It’s the gateway to a bold new lifestyle.

Starting at just $59 for 6 months or $10.99 monthly.

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Publications & Shows

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Full access to The Spicy Web courses & videos

Your launching pad for thoughtful, proven approaches to “vanilla-first” and accessible web development. Our first series CSS Nouveau is out now, and our upcoming series on building full-featured, HTML-first applications using web components exclusively will be out early next year.

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A members-only Fresh Fusion+ podcast

Listen to additional coverage of “the business, the art, the ethics of content creation on the open web & the fediverse” with in-depth analysis of what’s going down (and sometimes the latest shenanigans from Big Tech).

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Bonus issues of Jared White’s Creator Class newsletter

Get additional insight every month with inspiration and actionable guidance on how to cultivate motivation and perseverance as a content creator—especially in light of the “ethical reset” we find ourselves in as the social internet is reborn around us.

Good news! Even more shows and bonus content is under active development, so the value of an Intuitive+ membership will only grow over time. And unlike ahem some other companies and organizations we can think of, we won’t ever raise your membership renewal rates once you’re locked in. This is our ethical promise to you.


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